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    Architecture Resistant to Climatic eXtremes or ARCX® (pronounced “arcs”) is a comprehensive design solution to some  of the problems caused by global warming.  Bucky Fuller pioneered the application of geodesics to buildings.  The building technologies of the time did not offer significant advantages. ARCX® buildings offer a fundamental progression of geodesics combined with advanced building materials and provides a practical application for residential and light commercial buildings.
    The US patent office has granted our design “patent pending” status in mid 2007.

Complete Building System
    ARCX® starts with the best of advanced building technologies – Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and integrates the material with the unique geometry based on the Triacontahedron dual polygon.  The result is a perfect hemisphere utilizing 60 near right triangles.  This shape also allows separation into hemi and quarter domes.  This allows for interfacing with rectilinear buildings and offers unlimited flexibility for size and purpose. We make all the transition pieces as well as daylighting panels.
    In addition to conventional foundations ARCX® buildings can be built on in rough terrain with auger type anchors  or on piers to raise the building.  We offer several waterproofing options

    ARCX® takes the known strength of the dome shape and integrates it with the superior strength characteristics of the SIP system, making it a logical choice for hurricane & earthquake prone areas. An ARCX® building can clear span beyond 70’ and is a self-supporting system that needs no large structural elements to support its weight, even in severe conditions. The ARCX® system offers great resistance to the forces of nature. Insurance costs should be dramatically reduced. Our designs include multiple approaches to ground connections and offer superior shell integrity.

Speed and Ease of Construction
    ARCX® building components are pre-cut to precise tolerances and offer a systematic way to assemble the buildings. The components in our 30’ & 35’ ARCX® are light enough to be erected without heavy equipment and their simplicity allows  quick erection by a small crew with adequate supervision ARCX® buildings meet the criteria for rapid deployment emergency housing.  The twist over conventional solutions is that ARCX® buildings can become permanent.

Green & Energy Efficient
    Our ARCX® panels use Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as the rigid foam cores.  This foam is 95% air and a petroleum byproduct which is then expanded by steam heat to make high quality, low cost insulation.  The Oriented Strand Board (OSB) skins are made from sustainable farm grown trees.



    ARCX® buildings have a very low wood fiber to structure ratio and leave a very light carbon footprint. Almost zero thermal bridging through the shell and a base R-33 insulation rating gives unparalleled heating and cooling efficiency.

Production Capability
    Computer Assisted Design (CAD) is matched with Computer Numeric Control (CNC) production machinery to provide a manufacturing efficiency and a production accuracy that is unsurpassed in the building industry. We have production relationships with multiple SIP manufacturers to offer wide distribution.  A large ARCX® building can be loaded into a shipping container along with all the necessary components for a complete structure ready to ship and erect anywhere.

ARCX® is the culmination of many years of theoretical design work and hands-on SIP construction experience. Its combination of structural strength, energy efficiency, simplicity of construction, affordability and beauty represent the very best of advanced building science. ARCX® is poised to design and deliver the structures to meet the needs of our new century.