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The Not So Big Bungalow

The Not So Big Bungalow is designed in much the same way as the bungalows of the early 20th Century, but updated for today’s more informal lifestyles and filled with the details that make a house into Home. It’s designed so that you can finish and live in only the main level if you want, allowing the finishing of the second floor at a later date. This allows you to live in the house for your whole life if you want to—with the master bedroom and bathroom on the main level, ready for when getting upstairs becomes a challenge. It’s also designed to be super energy efficient, with its walls and roof made of SIPs, or Structural Insulated Panels. I’ve been a huge fan of SIPs since the early 1980s, and many of the houses I’ve designed have been built using this technology.

Best of all, this house is designed to be both beautiful and functional, and to inspire its inhabitants everyday. It incorporates many of the design principles I describe in the Not So Big House series, all in a package that’s just under 1,600 sf when fully finished. If you like the house designs in The Not So Big House, but are looking for a more compact but similarly crafted home, this is the house for you.


Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc. has worked closely with Sarah to offer this beautiful SIP kit house. Here the architect’s eye and the engineer’s slide rule come together to create a new way to design and build high-performance homes. The Structural Insulated Panel wall and roof pieces are engineered and pre-fabricated using accurate CNC technologies. The kit consists of all the components to build the thermal/structural shell of the building. You can view the entire kit of parts for the NotSoBigBungalow through the link on the Extreme logo. The shop drawings provided with the kit can come with engineer’s stamp upon request.*  The kit includes a HERS rating to meet Model Energy Code requirements.  These HERS numbers can approach zero with building science based energy modeling & design. 



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